Welcome to the USS Wellington!

The Year is 2394...

16 years after the last Federation starship returned home from the Delta Quadrant, the Federation has decided the time is right to expand the Federation presence in the Delta Quadrant, especially after years of special operations and research in addition to improvements in technology.

The USS Wellington, Intrepid Class with a full ship's compliment, is one of the primary ships in the quadrant, picking up where the U.S.S Voyager left off. It's mission is of exploration, diplomacy, peacemaking, and if necessary, confronting enemies that are heard of only in studies of Voyager's 7 year adventures.

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» About The Last Post

Posted on Tue Apr 1st, 2014 @ 11:08am by Captain Jason Myers in Out of Character

Hey folks!

Just in case there is any confusion at all, the most recent post is an April Fools gag. It is not happening, Jason is NOT the Doctor and Cordale doesn't become Federation President.

Sorry! :P

-Captain Jason Myers

» Welcome!

Posted on Sun Jan 5th, 2014 @ 8:30pm by Captain Jason Myers in Sim Announcement

Hello folks!

Please join me in welcoming Lori aka Kennedy Monroe, our new counselor. Abigail (the former counselor) will be moving over to the Diplomatic end of things with a Chief Diplomat (yet to be named or created)

-Captain Jason Myers

» Shore Leave!

Posted on Tue Oct 1st, 2013 @ 9:54am by Captain Jason Myers in General News

Hey folks!

Now that the mega JP is done... Our entire focus for the next couple weeks can be shore leave. Feel free to PM each other in Nova or message each other online to start any shore leave JPs you want to do with each other. Nobody here is really shy, so feel free to just randomly tag :D

-Captain Jason Myers

» Late Additions!

Posted on Sun Sep 22nd, 2013 @ 12:51pm by Captain Jason Myers in Sim Announcement

Hey folks! Just a few last Funny Bones that I had missed since these logs were done when I started doing awards. I wrote them down but never entered them into the award queue.

A pause, "You know, I don't think we've actually, ACTUALLY been introduced. That's my fault, totally." he admitted, and then offered his living hand, "Cor Cordale, chief engineer. You can call me Cor, though. Mister Cordale is a responsible Thux. Probably an admiral or emperor by now." he chuckled.
--Lieutenant Cor "Mister Cordale Was My Father" Cordale

He blinked. "Wait, thirty years? And there are STILL Olmarians?" he paused, and then looked around for a moment, before pointing to someone that was probably his assistant. "You're in charge." he said, as a fact, then turned to the Captain, "We need to get down there *now*, while there's something to salvage. I'll have my EVA suit charged and ready in two minutes."
--Lieutenant Cor "I'm In A Hurry To Get Things Done..." Cordale

"You're going to get the rare chance to see me in my element, at my best. SHOULD make up for any time you see me at my desk, paws up, halfway down a mug of birch beer with my shirt half undone." a pause, "Which I wouldn't ever do. Cause it's wrong. And bad form..." he chuckled.
--Lieutenant Cor "Modesty? What Modesty?" Cordale

"Harva's probably on the way, if he isn't hungover on cheeseburger muffins." Oh man, now Cor wanted a muffin to go... Hmmmmm...
--Lieutenant Cor "Hunger Pangs" Cordale

"So when we go to auto destruct, Captain probably should just mute audio?" Brady asked, to which Cor gave a grand belly-laugh, that petered out to a chuckle, then just a 'heh'...

"Yeah, don't joke about that." he said, but was still in a chuckle-mood. "Okay, so this one's hummin'. Let's get the next one set up and powered, then we'll move deeper."
--Lieutenant Cor "So Not Funny" Cordale and Ensign Brady "Rookie Comedian" Van Dyke

"If there's concerns that a crew member's actions might cause harm to themselves or others, you're to notify their department head, Commander Tang or myself. Otherwise, confidentiality should be held." Michelle said. "I don't expect the counselor to also be a spy and tell me every juicy little detail."

"So... just report on 'I'm going to blow up the ship' and not... 'I'm secretly in love with the CO' then?" Tomson clarified with a little smirk.

Michelle laughed... "Well.. if they're cute, you can tell me if they have a thing for me. Though, not quite sure how that one would play out. A friend of mine got himself in a LOT of trouble a long time ago with that... But seriously, it's probably best if I don't know."
--Commander Michelle "Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places" Bartlett & Ensign Sarah "Define Parameters" Tomson

"Well I didn't read your file or anything, I just got here." she said, polishing off some more of her drink. "Though... with your outbursts I don't think anyone needs to read your file to figure out what your issues are." she replied, leaning back in her chair and kicking her feet up. "So did you want to talk or are you just going to schedule an appointment to get laid out on one of those big psychiatrist couches?" she said, smirking at the implication of her adding 'laid' into the sentence.

"Speaking of which, getting laid *would* help your self esteem and self-worth issues." she added with a nod.

He just stared at her slack jawed "Are you serious? your positive you're a counselor? Getting laid is the big fix? And just who would I do this with even if I thought it was a good idea? I don't believe in one night stands, especially when you have to potentially work with the person the next day. And how would that even help later on when I am alone again? Hope that person doesn't feel awkward about it after the first time? or shall I just sleep around until I am all better?" He took a bandage out of the kit and wrapped his hand, he wouldn't need any of the more advanced equipment.
--Ensign Sarah "Freud" Tomson & Lieutenant Roger "WTF Lady?" Stevens

"Oooo. Lucky guy." he said. "Bartlett is smoking hot. There's just something about her that screams 'I could have the best sex of my life with you and then kill you where you stand and not feel a damn bit of pity about it.'
--Ensign Max "Rank and Age Are Merely A Number" McGarry

» Fleet and Sim Awards

Posted on Sun Sep 22nd, 2013 @ 12:14pm by Captain Jason Myers in Sim Announcement

Hello all!

With Dumping Ground now "dumped" into the completed bin (See what I did there?), I'm happy on behalf of the Fleet brass and on the behalf of myself, Rob and Karen to announce both the Fleet Awards and the Sim awards for the last mission... I would also like to say before I begin that there will be a few changes as to how awards are done...

So that I'm not going through pages upon pages of logs trying to remember when you all had a funny or did something awesome (And there's really a lot of both), all Sim awards below Commendations will now be done every 2 weeks when I send out updates.

Okay... That's out of the way... Onto the bacon!

Mmmm.... Bacon....

Wait. Sorry. Lost focus there.

Fleet Awards

Engineering Award: Lieutenant Cor Cordale
-For constructing and developing antimatter waste treatment protocols on Olmaris, thereby assisting in the cleanup of a significant planet wide disaster.

Lieutenant JG Alodenabriel: Purple Heart
-Abriel is awarded the Purple Heart for wounds suffered beyond the call of duty as she tried to de-escalate the arrest of Togg and the scuffle in the Mess Hall. Abriel sustained significant injuries from a phaser blast and was off duty for the duration of the mission to recover. Her efforts to de-escalate the conflict are a mark of her bravery.

Johnathan Wade: Silver Star, Intelligence Service Medal

-Jack Wade is awarded the Silver Star for taking the initiative following the unavoidable departure of the senior Intel officers to step up to the plate and assist with information gathering and arranging contacts between the crew and the highest levels of the Olmarian government, at great risk to his own personal well being.

-Jack Wade is nominated for the Intelligence Service Medal for his efforts in meeting with the Autarch’s aide and stepping in selflessly and with risk to himself to carry out the remainder of the mission.

Lieutenant Commander Camara Elaar: McCoy Award for Medicine
-Awarded the McCoy Award For Medicine for her efforts in the development, diagnosis and testing of an inoculant that would be effective on the Olmarian population to treat theta radiation poisoning. Olmarians were not able to handle the standard Federation inoculant for theta radiation. Her efforts have saved the lives of millions of Olmarians who may have otherwise been killed by the radiation poisoning.

Reiko Misumaru: Intel Service Medal
-For all of her hard work and dedication as an Intelligence operative. The intelligence gathering and undercover work Reiko did leading up to and during the 'Diplomatic' negotiations with the corrupt Olmarian ministers really made a difference and contributed to the collection of a treasure trove of intelligence and data that proved exactly how bad things were on Olmaris. 'Participated' (after a fashion - see post 'Bad Dog') in the obtaining of much needed permission for the Wellington teams to the restricted quarantined zone. Her participation was key and her efforts with LCdr. Storm gained the Wellington valuable intel that they wouldn't have been able to get without such a top notch Intelligence Team.

Lieutenant Commander Zara Storm: Intelligence Service Medal
-For her skill and bravery during the course of the covert intelligence gathering operation on the capitol building of Olmaris. Lieutenant Commander Storm was vital in retrieving critical information, under sensitive circumstances, that became instrumental in determining the cause of the sickness and death of millions of Olmarians and the involvement of corrupt officials within the government, paving the way for the speedy treatment of the affliction on the populace and major political reform within the leadership.

Peace Award: Johnathan Wade, Reiko Misumaru, Katherine Kendrick, Lieutenant Commander Zara Storm, Lieutenant Commander Rostra Tang, and Captain Michelle Bartlett
-For their efforts in a successful contact and conflict resolution with the Olmarian government. Despite things appearing very bleak at the start, all members of this team were able to think outside the box and obtain a satisfactory agreement with the Olmarian government, which will save millions of lives by ending the contamination of their planet, and furthering better relations between the Talaxians. In the future, it’s hoped that the Olmarians will also become strong allies of the Federation.

Sim Awards

Congratulations to all who received the following awards!

Commendation - Gold:

LT Roger Stevens: For his successful efforts in the arrest of Togg for the murder of CDT Smith.

ENS Brady Van Dyke: For his efforts in the construction of a waste management facility on Olmaris, thereby allowing the Olmarians to prevent an environmental disaster.

Commendation - Silver:

LT Odelle Lin & LT(JG) Valeria Mordin: For their efforts and work to find and determine the cause of the "plague" on Olmaris.

MCAPT Jack Carver: For quick thinking in an effort to minimize casualties when the surveying team transported down to Olmaris to gather data on the severity of the theta contamination.

Commendation - Bronze:

Nadia: For her role in assisting Lt. Alodenabriel with her recovery.

General Award: (Areas where snippets of logs are referenced can be seen by viewing the character's awards on their bio.)

CAPT Jason Myers: I thought Jason's reaction to Togg's brutal resistance of his own arrest was a major point for Jason when he took in just how badly Togg screwed up and screwed his crew over when he goes into Togg's quarters and yells at the portrait of Togg, knowing that's the closest he'll ever get to telling his former friend how he really feels about what he did.

CMDR Michelle Bartlett: For the rather awkward moment where she was kissed by Captain Carver

LTCMDR Merak: For very expertly portraying a Vulcan. It's one of the better portrayals I've actually seen!

MCAPT Jack Carver: For two things... His portrayal of Carver seeming to develop an interest in the CMO and the CO as well as the way he played the incident on the surface when Ebram screwed up..... And for the very well done "WTF?" moment between him and Bartlett when he kissed her.

ENS Sarah Tomson: For a good start as a new character

Johnathan Wade: I never thought I would envision a scenario where the ship's bartender would suddenly become so crucial to the completion of a mission and be damn good at it. Sorta makes Guinan and Quark look like filler chara-- Oh.. wait.. that's right. Well, anyways.. Well played, Jack! You kicked ass AND got the ladies. Rostra says you're also one hell of a bartender. LOL

Reiko Misumaru, Katherine Kendrick, LTCMDR Zara Storm, and CMDR Michelle Bartlett: The posts for the original diplomatic party were detailed, well thought out and fairly well done. Hence the award!

Best Log:

Reiko Misumaru & LTCMDR Zara Storm: The Mission Post "Bad Dog!" Never in all my years doing this have I read something that had me howling with laughter as I read it. I could almost barely do any work at my job I was laughing so hard from reading it!

LT Roger Stevens, Togg, LT(JG) Alodenabriel: For "The Fall of Togg"

Johnathan Wade: For the torture scene with "Billy" the Olmarian Asshat.

Most Dramatic:

CAPT Jason Myers: For the systematic destruction of his personal life (Yeah... True that....)

LT Roger Stevens: For the posts in which the circumstances of Jack's personal life and his upbringing come into play! I thought they were very well done!

Nadia, Togg, LT Roger Stevens & LT(JG) Alodenabriel: I thought the arrest of Togg and his final going out was one of the best we've probably done since the surface landing.

Funny Bone:

"We are enroute. Is there any preventative measure we should take, or is there anything else I can assist you with, Commander Bartlett?" they said in unison, after the course correction had begun. It was entirely possible the detainee didn't yet know he was to be detained.

Bartlett looked a little surprised.... Did they just speak at her in unison? "No.. that... umm.. that will be all. Give your captain my regards." she said with a grin.
--Commander Michelle "Seeing Double?" Bartlett & Lt. Cmdr Rostra "Double The Fun" Tang

"Chief Barnaby Ma'am," he said to her now that he knew who she was. "At least I know somebody didn't spike my tea with Unicorn Piss...."
"Mythical creature urine?" Michelle asked. "That's...not really a drink name is it?"
Kevin nodded. "I'm afraid it is, one of the more 'creative' ideas from the late Mister Togg."
--Commander Michelle "Coming Up Unicorns?" Bartlett & CPO Kevin "Facepalm" Barnaby

Kevin walked in, his eyes focused on the PADD. "Skipper I've got those reviews........" He stopped midway through his sentence when he saw the female sitting behind the desk of Captain Myers. "Okay now this is odd?" He said stopping before the desk.

"Oh god, they forgot to inform the enlisted didn't they?" Michelle said. "I'm terribly sorry about that. You must either think that your captain has snapped and had a sex change and become ginger, or that something strange is afoot. It's neither I'm afraid. I'm Captain Michelle Bartlett. I'm filling in for Jason while he's on leave. I guess somehow the NCOs didn't get informed. Man, I hate when they do that."
--Commander Michelle "Surprise!" Bartlett & CPO Kevin "WTF is this shit?" Barnaby

Under the circumstances of how this mission played out both IC and OOC... I think this is a rather funny snip from Michelle's first senior staff briefing: "...And before anyone gets too concerned about this rather abrupt change, I can assure you that I have no intention of going about changing what seems to have worked so well in the past."
--Commander Michelle "Unintentionally Ironic" Bartlett

“Kidnapping suggestions, mucking about in heads. Is this the part where you now tell me that you’re Section 31 and I have to join or be killed?” Michelle asked, jokingly.

Storm met Michelle’s gaze steadily with a hint of a smile. “Not that I am, but if I was I wouldn’t admit to it.” After a moment, she winked, her smile widening. “Not a very good recruiting policy if you ask me. ‘Join or die!’” she snorted.

“I’m not a member either,” Reiko declared which Katherine echoed right after. Four pairs of eyes turned to the last person in the room, Agent Harrison who was standing at the back, by the door. “I’m a member of the Lions Club but that’s about it,” he quipped.

--Commander Michelle "What am I doing here?" Bartlett, LTCMDR Zara "Devious But Truthful" Storm, Reiko "Deny, Deny, Deny" Misumaru, Katherine "Nope!" Kendrick & Jake "Innocent Little Farmboy" Harrison...

The entire Mission Post "Bad Dog"!
--Reiko "The Photographer" Misumaru, LTCMDR Zara "The Spy Who Mindfucked Me" Storm and Iannon "I Like It Ruff!" Bojar

She gave a nod and a pair of smiles. "Off you go then." a pause, then a bashful little smile. "Permission to hug, sir?"
--LTCMDR Rostra "Queen of Hugs" Tang (Can you imagine Kira trying to go hug Sisko? :D)

"Oh... One other thing, Lieutenant. Just a personal question." Jason asked.

"Sir?" she stopped at the door. "Did you at least beat the Trabe?" Jason asked. He had known that she was in the lounge playing a game... The starbase's security had found her on Jason's ordering. But apparently according to the reports, they were getting rather arrogant about their successes up to the point Odelle had been informed she was late for reporting in.

Odelle blushed. "Oh god.. You knew... Sorry, sir... It must be the former NCO in me. I couldn't let them sit there with those smug grins on their face. I had to beat them. And yes.. I did." She said.
--Captain Jason "Curiosity Killed the Cat" Myers and Lt. Odelle "Pool Shark" Lin

"Attend... By order of the Emperor"... and most of the post where she thought she was surrounded by mortal enemies of her people.
--Lt(JG) Valeria "Was That Tea You Drank? Or Unicorn Piss?" Mordin

Michelle gave a rather pouty 'please don't hate me' expression... "To a blue collar. For now." she said.

"Oh hell nooooooooooooooooo!" Kevin said to her. He knew that her hands were tied on this and it wasn't exactly an easy situation. "Alright fine!"
--CPO Kevin "Blue Collar Life Just Isn't My Bag!" Barnaby

"Is there anything on this ship you don't know, Commodore?" Michelle said in a low voice so other officers wouldn't hear her address him by rank. "Absolutely" a giant smirk crosses his face "I have no idea what will happen next!"
--Commander Michelle "Puzzled" Bartlett and Johnathan "Never A Dull Moment" Wade

Congratulations to all who received awards! Hope to see more in the coming missions ahead! :D

-Captain Jason Myers

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